4 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About Promotional Products

There are many ways organizations use promotional products. A few ways to use them are to enhance brand image, build long lasting relationships with clients and showing appreciation. However, in order to achieve these results, an organization cannot simply buy a random item and expect it to work.

If you use promotional products in your organization, there may be a few things the “powers that be” expect you to know about the items. In fact, we know four things your boss expects you to know about promotional products before you buy.

Have a goal in mind when choosing promotional products.

Ask: Are the items supporting our goals?

Promotional items are effective tools when used, strategically. Therefore, treat them as investments! Develop a plan of action that defines your goals.  Then track and measure results so the products can help you deliver results.

Make sure the product you give away is relevant and useful to your target audience.

Ask yourself: do the products cater to our audience?

Determining whether your audience will use your promotional items will help you in the long run. Your audience is more likely to keep a promotional item if they can use it. The more they use the item, the more impressions your brand will receive.

Know how your audience will receive the items.

Think: How are we distributing the items?

Planning how to distribute the products is just as important as the items themselves.  If you don’t decide how to distribute the items, you will be stuck with a box of “stuff”. A box of “stuff” that could have turned into advertising gold if only they were handed to the right audience!

Plus, when you strategically hand out your promotional items, you create a lasting impression that will get your brand noticed.

Are we receiving a return on our investment?

Measure your results! Go back to your plan that defines your goals.  Figure out which key performance indicators to track and measure this data over time. These results will help determine whether or not you are receiving a return on your investment.

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