The Proper Way to Use Promotional Products For Results

When most people think about promotional items, the word “advertisement” rarely comes to mind. The reason for this is because most people don’t know how to use the items as advertisements.

The “how” is the secret to determining the level of advertising that can be accomplished. If you are one of the many that have yet to come to this realization, know there is a proper way to get results.

Yes, you heard (or read) that correctly!  You have the ability to use promotional products and receive a return on your investment!

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Before purchasing promotional products, create a distribution plan.

Also known as a “promotional plan”, this plan should include the who, what, when, where and why of your campaign.

Ask yourself:

  • Who is my target audience?
  • What objective am I trying to accomplish?
  • When is the deadline for this project?
  • How do I get these items into the hands of my target audience (trade show, their place of business, sales calls, etc.)?

Purchase relevant promotional items

Your promotional items should be a reflection of your brand’s image as well as relevant to your target audience.  When your audience sees them as relevant, that means your audience can use the items. It also means they will like them enough to hold onto them for a long time.

When your product is kept by your audience, they are more likely to remember your brand more and favor your brand more.

When you are choosing your products, ask yourself:

  • Why are we planning on distributing these products to this target audience?
  • Why does it make sense with our plan?

Track Results

Now it’s time to apply your plan!  Simply distributing your products the way you decided isn’t enough.  You need to track your results.

Keep track of who you give the products to and who responds to your call to action, then measure your results.

Hopefully these tips helped you discover a proper way to execute a strategic campaign with promotional products that will generate results.

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