Antina Promotions Attends Digital Excellence Program at Google Ann Arbor

The Tuck Business School at Dartmouth partnered with Google to offer a program to help business owners better understand and leverage digital technologies to expand their business. This Digital Excellence Program is a two and a half day program to help entrepreneurs and business owners learn how to construct a digital strategy, market online and develop a mobile strategy.

Learning-at-tuck-googleLast weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in the program which was held at the Google Ann Arbor, Michigan Office and the IDEAL Group in Detroit.  The program was very eye opening as we dove into Google Analytics, Digital Strategy and Business Models and Mobile Technologies.

Not only did we get a hands on learning experience from Dartmouth Professors, Google employees and other digital business leaders, we had the opportunity to connect with business owners from across the country.

Learning-at-tuck-google-2 Learning-at-tuck-google-3






My biggest takeaways from the program were:

  • Having high leadership capabilities and high digital strategies increase profitability.
  • Your digital strategy should support your business goals and your business promise.

Another highlight of the weekend was touring the Google Ann Arbor office and seeing the vast amnesties Google employees have at their disposal during each workday.


Google Logo


Networking with my fellow classmates and Certified Women Business Owners:

DEP classmates mingling at the after class networking event                                                                                                             
Certified WBE's at Google
The group of Certified WBE’s who attended the program

And of course, graduating from the program was a plus, too!

Google Graduation
Professor Taylor and Christina at Graduation

Overall, the weekend was a game changing and memorable experience that will help my team and I take Antina Promotions to the next level when it comes to digital strategy.

DEP Class
Digital Excellence Program Class – Summer 18


2 thoughts on “Antina Promotions Attends Digital Excellence Program at Google Ann Arbor

  1. Great Job Christina on sharing your Google experience at class and congratulations on completing the digital excellence program! What great Photos 🙂
    Coach Ced

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