How to Be Unhappy with Your Promotional Item Purchase

If you are looking to market your company with promotional items and want them to help you maximize your brand exposure, bring in new clients, motivate your employees or any of the other benefits promotional products can bring your way, this is not the read for you!…Or is it?  

The following five outcomes will give you an idea of how to have a not so good experience using promotional items that will leave you feeling unhappy with your promotional item purchase. Not to mention, it most definitely will have you swearing off one of the most effective methods to advertise (those of you looking for a smoother experience, please use this as a guide of what NOT to do).     

1. Don’t want your promotional items to be seen?

No problem! Buy a random product.  Make sure you don’t create an action plan of how you will choose and distribute your products or who to distribute your products to.  

2. Don’t care if they end up in the trash?

If you choose products you like instead of items your target audience will use, your products will more than likely be given to someone else, or could even be thrown away.  To make sure you get this outcome, don’t analyze your target markets before you pick a product, choose a product you like and hope your target audience will end up liking it too.

3. Want to spend more money to rush the order?

If this is your jam, make sure you order your products a few days before you need them.  It is always best to “cut it close”, pay rush fees and overnight shipping costs.  Plus, that nagging fear your products will not make it to you in time in general is always fun!

4. Don’t care to have incorrect information on your products?

Don’t worry about spell checking your proof if you want incorrect information on your products.  Don’t even worry about looking at the proof if you don’t care if your artwork is correct or not.

5. Want to receive your products later than you want or need?

It’s a good idea to ignore most emails that are related to your order.  Things will run smoother that way!  When you assume production will go as planned, especially, don’t read followup emails or “next step” emails.

If you are looking to be unhappy with your promotional item purchase, please follow the tips listed above.

For all others, I hope the humor in this article will show you what can happen when you do not have a plan of action to execute your promotional item campaign.

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