5 Ways Promotional Items Help You Receive a Return on Your Investment

Using promotional items and other ad specialties to market your company, event or trade show is a great way to increase sales, brand recognition and awareness.

What makes these items such powerful marketing tools is they tend to stick around.  The benefit? When they are kept by a recipient, they produce multiple impressions of your advertisement to give you greater recognition.

Another key thing to note is these impressions are subtle and more subtle than other forms of advertising like TV, radio or billboard advertising.

Also, the cost per impression is cheaper than these other forms of advertising.  The average cost per impression of a promotional item is only $0.06!

All of these things contribute to the return on investment you can receive from using these powerful tools.

Want to know more? Here are five ways promotional items help you receive a return on your investment.

1. Bags are the best walking billboard

If you are looking for a ton of impressions, your best bet would be to choose a promotional bag. Bags have been known to have the highest number of impressions in a month.

2. Promo Items give you more recognition.

Statistics say 83% of respondents can identify an advertiser on a promotional item.

3. Your audience will have a more favorable opinion of you.

41% of people say their opinion of an advertiser was more favorable after receiving a promotional product. It’s not that they had an unfavorable opinion of an advertiser before, they just have an even more favorable opinion.

4. Pens are the most frequently used promotional product.

Pens are used 18.2 times per month, according to an industry statistic.  This doesn’t mean go out and get the cheapest pen.  Find a quality pen that you think your audience would use.  No one likes a pen that falls apart in their hands! Or even worse, stops writing after the first few words of a sentence.

5. Promotional items are more likely to be passed along to others.

66% of end users who don’t plan to keep a promotional item will give it to someone else.  Whether they’re finished using the product or don’t think they’ll use it, they would rather give it to someone else than throw it away. That is, if it is a quality item! When an item is passed along, it’s like a tangible word of mouth and helps further the impressions of your advertisement.

*Source: Advertising Specialty Institute’s Global Impressions Study V.3

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