Customer Incentive Programs Help Increase Sales Dollars & Order Frequency

We can all agree that more sales are great to have. Why wouldn’t we? Sales are an important part of business. If you are trying to get creative with growing your sales and increasing your profits, have you considered Customer Incentive Programs before?

Customer Incentive Programs are versatile marketing campaigns that are geared towards motivating your customer do more business with you. Whether you are looking to increase the frequency of orders or the amount of each sale, customer incentive programs are your new best friend!

We’ve all seen it before: “FREE GIFT with purchase if you purchase this product (or ‘x’ amount of products). Or “FREE GIFT when you spend ‘x’ amount of dollars or more with our company.

These call to action’s are part of your typical “Gift with Purchase” type of Customer Incentive Program.

A Gift With Purchase program is pretty self explanatory when you look at the name. They are campaigns designed to encourage more sales or higher dollar amount sales by offering a gift with purchase.

While some companies give away free samples of products they sell, another option is to give away a promotional item that your clients can use. This is even better because the company could give away a branded promotional item clients can use along with the product they purchase to further the impressions they receive of their brand.

Here are a few examples of what a Gift with Purchase program looks like:

1. Free gift with purchase!

Think of a convenience store giving away a free sunglasses visor clip after a customer purchases a pair of sunglasses.

2. Free gift when you spend a certain amount of money here!

A grocery store gives away a free reusable grocery tote for customers who spend ‘x’ amount of money (or more) on groceries.

This encourages consumers to be more nature-friendly. It also helps advertise the grocery store because when the bag is carried around town, others will see the grocery store’s logo, expanding their reach.

3. Free gift when you purchase a certain amount of products!

Another example is, a doughnut shop offering a free coffee tumbler with the purchase of a certain amount of donuts.  This helps increase doughnut sales and gives clients an item they can use, often.

If the doughnut shop took this promotion one step further, they have the potential to increase the frequency of sales.  They can do this by offering a certain amount of money off of a customer’s bill if they bring in the tumbler each time they come in to buy coffee.

The type of “Gift with Purchase” or Customer Incentive Program you choose to build all depends on your goals. Once you determine what it is that you are looking to accomplish, it will be easier to decide how to create a program to achieve your goal.

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