Top 5 Secrets About Promotional Items You May Not Know

You may think of promotional items as low cost items with information printed on them that companies give away to try and get their name out and create awareness of their brand.  While promotional products can be given away for this reason, this is only skimming the surface of how promotional items can be used and what they can do for you in regards to helping you meet your business goals.

If we dig a little bit deeper below the surface, you will find that not only do promotional items provide amazing benefits for your company, with a strategy they are versatile tools that can be used to help you achieve your goals.

Feel out of the loop? Allow me to let you in on the top five secrets about promotional items you might not know about (and wished you did).

1. Promotional products stick around

The average time promotional products are kept by a recipient is 7 months.  This means, the longer promotional items are kept, the more impressions they receive.

Choosing promotional items that can be useful to your audience means you will receive more impressions.  As an added bonus, sometimes promotional items are passed along or seen by others giving you even more impressions of your advertisement.

2. Your message is able to be passed along physically and verbally

Those who receive promotional items may create buzz about your company by talking about the fact that they received a free gift from your company, explaining to all their friends who you are, what you gave them and how you gave them the item.

Also, sometimes when recipients no longer have a use for the item, instead of throwing it away, they will give your advertisement to someone else!

3. When you give away logoed items, you are giving away a piece of your company’s brand

Your promotional items should reflect your company’s brand.  Not only can this enhance your customer’s experience, customer’s will like you more!  If you want recipients to have a favorable impression of your brand you want to make sure you are giving away a quality item.  Statistics say that when this happens, 53% of the time recipients have a more favorable impression of an advertiser.

It has also been proven that 85% of recipients of your promotional items can identify you from the promotional items they own. Therefore, your brand recognition goes up based on the promotional item you give away.

4. Promotional items are less expensive per impression than other forms of advertising

Compared to billboards, radio ads, TV ads and magazine ads, promotional products are less expensive, per impression.  Also, unlike internet ads, the cost of promotional items are not expected to increase markedly in the next four years.

We also like to say promotional items are advertising your audience will thank you for.

While the other methods of advertising mentioned are interruption-based ads – meaning they are treated like a distraction and ignored for the majority of the time when they are in front of audiences – promotional items are seen as a gift, or something for “free” in the recipients eyes.

The reason is you are giving them an item they can first, use and then consume the advertisement at their convenience.

5. They help you achieve your marketing goals

A well thought out promotional campaign can help you increase brand awareness, the amount of leads you generate, the amount of sales and create, loyal raving fans.

To top it off, when using promotional items in your campaigns, there are ways to track and measure your results and determine if you received a return on your investment.

As you can see, promotional products are a great avenue to reach your target audience.  Now that you know these secrets, don’t be afraid to share them with others who can benefit from knowing this information.

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