The Number One Reason You Should Pay Attention To Your Customer Journey

We all have had experiences with companies we’ve purchased from that made us tell all of our family and friends about them. Good or bad experiences, we want to talk about it all.  Especially when someone asks about the experience you had with a certain company, flashbacks of memories from great to not so great experiences may start playing in your head.

Some stories may make you want to say “you have to work with them”. Some may make you angry all over again after re-hatching the story or maybe you ‘want’ to tell the story to make others aware of the experience you had to warn them to “save their money and go somewhere else”.

Either way, when you recollect and tell your brand experience stories of the companies you work with, you are essentially advocating for or against a company depending on how the entire experience working with them made you feel.

As a business owner, this is an important aspect to pay attention to: the way customers experience working with your company and brand. When customers interact with your brand, you should have clear guidelines as to how you and your employees should treat clients to make the experience as memorable – and pleasant as possible.

You can do this is by taking a look at the Customer Journey. In other words, the entire experience a customer goes through when interacting with your company and brand.

If you don’t have one yet, a Customer Journey Map is a very beneficial tool to have as it is a visual piece that tells the story of every experience a customer has with you from the initial interaction, moving forward into a potentially long lasting relationship.

If you do have a Customer Journey Map (or when you create one), the best thing you can do is to look at each engagement and evaluate the experience clients have as they go through the map.

This will allow you to add a special touch to the experience they have so you can work on making your company unforgettable. In the end, you will create advocates for your brand who will spread positive experiences about your brand.

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