Why “On Brand Signature Gifts” Are the Secret Ingredient For Your Brand Awareness

Are you trying to create more awareness of your brand?

Then you need marketing that will help you develop brand awareness!

Marketing is about your brand being noticed and your message being heard so you can attract the clients who see value in the ways you can serve them.  Basically, marketing is how you create an impact on the world.

But, what if no one sees your message? Or, what if your message falls on deaf ears? How can you make an impact? How can you make your audience more aware of your brand?

Here’s something you may not know: branded items make your brand more favorable. This is because you are giving clients and potential clients, a free “something”.  This piece of your brand will get people to talk about your brand (hence, creating more brand awareness!).

Yes, when you give a branded gift, you are gifting a piece of your brand to your audience. Not to mention, a piece of your brand that is disguised as an advertisement they will thank you for! Sounds too good to be true, right?

Here’s the secret – this gift must be relevant to your brand and useful to your audience. When you use branded items strategically, like this, this is what I like to call an “On Brand Signature Gift”.

An OBSG is a “signature” product that your audience is sure to remember you by.  It is a gift that becomes the “norm” for you to gift your clients so they can look forward to receiving this gift.  Now, OBSG’s shouldn’t be confused with “thank you gifts” or “appreciation gifts”. They are gifts that are given away by your company to create more awareness and stickiness for your brand.

As I mentioned, in order for it to be an OBSG, it should be relevant to your brand.  This means it should represent your brand in quality, image and presence.

It also needs to be useful to your audience, meaning, it should be something your audience can use on a regular basis.

This indirect form of advertising is extremely useful to your company because you will stay “top of mind” with your recipient and your message will be seen over and over again because whenever the product is used they will think of – you guessed it – your brand!

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