Is It Possible to Develop Meaningful Relationships Without a Real Connection?

Lately, I have been having a lot of issues with my cell phone battery dying at lightning fast speeds. When I wake up in the morning and unplug my phone from the charger, it literally drops 2 percentage points and by 10:00 am, I am finding my battery at or below 55% without even using it much. Then, it doesn’t even drain to 1% before it turns off on me – it turns off between 26% and 55% – No Joke!

I’m not going to lie, it has been a pretty annoying issue to deal with, especially when I’m out on the road and have to have it plugged into some charging device, whether it is the charger or a power bank.  I am actually to the point where I told my husband we should consolidate to one cell phone and leave it at home to act like it’s our “home” phone. True story!

These days, sadly (at least for me), it’s not possible. The reality is, we are constantly connected to everything and anything, at any given moment.  Have you ever looked around when you are in public? Everyone is on their phone!  Or, think of the times when you are out to dinner with other people and everyone is on their phone.

While I am guilty of having my cell phone in close proximity to me most of the time, this issue with my battery definitely has me thinking about the “good ole’ days” when cell phones didn’t even exist or at least had a lot less “features”.

Remember how it was considered “rude” to call someone before 9am and after 9pm? (aah, peace!)

Remember when you had to ride your bike to your friend’s house to get a hold of them? (say hello to the outdoors and exercise!).

But it’s not really the lack of a phone that I’m missing. 

What’s missing is something that goes unnoticed until we really sit back and think about it. Can you guess what it is?

Think way, way back to the OG days…

If you guessed Facebook when it was only accessible to college students and your mom couldn’t keep close tabs on your life, you’re close. No – actually you’re not…

What’s missing is real connection between human beings.  That face-to-face, human interaction that cell phones can’t give us until we pick one up and call (or text if that’s how you roll) a friend or family member (or client) to ask to meet up face to face.  And when you are in their presence, face to face, you are giving them your undivided attention.

Cardiac. Arrest. Right?

Wrong! That’s how great relationships are built.  That’s connection, baby!

Real talk. People miss those days where you could kick it old school style, offline. They are craving human connection! This is an important nugget to take in because some of these people may be your clients and if you are not developing those relationships with your clients, it’s easy for them to bounce around to all of your competitors because of the experience (or lack thereof) they are having with your company – there is simply no loyalty.

Sure, sometimes it’s great to have the ability to get in touch with someone the second you think of it or to be able to send that work email from a remote location.  But, that doesn’t always cut it.  Can you really build a real, meaningful  relationship if you have never had a face to face conversation with someone?

I don’t know about you but, personally, I think it’s easier to develop a relationship if you have met with someone in person.  That way you will be able to tell if there is some sort of trust or “real” relationship involved.

However, if you are like me and have clients all over the place, that “in person” connection may not happen. Unless you are doing a live event and those customers come to meet you in person, you don’t have that touch point with them!

With an ever changing digital society, we need to start incorporating a tangible piece of your brand with offline “touch” points.  Think about it, if you had a product that represented a piece of your brand (a “signature” on-brand gift as I like to call it) you can gift this product to your clients and they will be able to literally hold onto a piece of your brand in their hands creating the connection for you!  How cool is that?

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