Antina Visits Industry Trade Show To Provide More Value to Clients

Last week we attended the Promotional Product Industry’s largest industry trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Not only was it nice to get out of the cold weather (it was 9 degrees the day we left to go there!), it was nice to go there to invest in the educational benefits that come along with the show – such as new marketing trends and learning about new products.

The way the show is set up, you get the best of both worlds.  There are 2 days of learning and education – which I love because it gives me the opportunity to brush up on my mad marketing skills – followed by 3 days of trade show where I get to connect with my suppliers and see, touch and feel the products they have available.

Now, while I get excited to see the new, hot and “trendy” products that are released every year (and boy are there amazing products out there!), I love, even more, to find purpose within each product.

What do I mean by purpose?

As you may know, promotional products without a purpose or a plan of action are really just “products” – the purpose of the promotional product creates relevancy and sustainability.

There are two ways we go about this:

  1. For my current clients, I am always “shopping” for you.  If I saw a product on the trade show floor that was really cool, I would say “oh, so and so (my client) would love this for their event in a couple of months!”
  2. Or, if I find a unique product and do not see a fit for a client of mine at the moment, I would take a note of the product and think of a really cool campaign someone could integrate the product strategically into an event or a marketing campaign.

These are the benefits of working with a company like Antina that operates differently than most in the promotional product industry.  We work hard to find a purpose for the products we offer to current clients and prospects so you will end up with a useful advertising tool that can bring you results.

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