Even Zombies Can Remind Us that Marketing Seeds Lead to Success

Last Sunday night, my husband and I were watching “The Walking Dead” and during a commercial break there was a clip from “Fear the Walking Dead”- a companion/prequel series to “The Walking Dead” – to promote the companion show.

That’s not just advertising, it’s great marketing.  It also teaches us a lesson that even zombies can remind us that marketing “seeds” can lead to success. Let me explain:

This wasn’t just any teaser clip.  This was a clip that built on the story from last week’s “Fear the Walking Dead” teaser. So basically, a larger clip from FTWD was broken up into smaller segments and strategically placed within the sister show so they could build upon the suspense over time.

When you see things played out like this, it is hard to ignore that great marketing is at play!

FTWD is super smart  because FTWD knows their audience is watching and they know their audience will more than likely watch a show similar to TWD (or even interested in the prequel to TWD).  Therefore, they roll out a scene that builds suspense over time so come April 2017 (the expected air date of FTWD’s next season), their audience is already “hooked” and wanting to see what happens next.

Pretty cool, huh?  Is your mind already spinning with ideas of how you can do the same for your business for 2017?

If not, it would be a great time to give us a call…especially if you are looking to host live events next year or exhibiting at a trade show.  Our new program, Event Maximizer will help you with the marketing you need to stand out, gain visibility and get a return on your investment.



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