How Promotional Products Help You Recall Your Experience With a Brand

This past weekend Andrew and I went to Niagara Falls.  It was my first time there and his first time back since he was little and I must say WOW!  It was definitely a sight to see.  I couldn’t get over the fact that the water does not stop!  And all the rainbows! (Love me some rainbows!)

While we were there, we tried to do everything we possibly could.  We went on the boat (duh!) that took you to get an up close and personal view of the falls, we walked along the boardwalk to see where the falls flowed into rapids and we even took a tour behind the falls for an even more up close and personal view.  At the end of each attraction we were lead to a “store” where we could buy all of our Niagara swag.

Aah yes, the stuff we buy to remind us of the great time we had at Niagara falls.  A memory we can keep forever to remind us of the “time we went to Niagara and it was supposed to rain for an entire day right in the middle of our trip, but we ended up having the most beautiful days – and even got to see a full rainbow!”.  A memory that will remind us of the experience we had to take a short break and learn about this amazing natural attraction.

Then, if we were to purchase Niagara swag for our families, perhaps our stories and pictures and our memories would encourage them to want to experience Niagara as well?  Perhaps they will plan their trip in the near future?

Are you seeing what I am seeing?  Is this advertising I smell?  Yes!  A small item that you purchase will be taken home with you and you are more than likely to keep the item for years because it will help you recall your experience with this brand.

Crazy to think about when you actually realize that promotional products have that sort of effect on people.  Even crazier to think that you can apply this same mentality when you are using promotional products to help your audience remember the experiences they have with your brand.

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