The Love-Hate Relationship with Promotional Products

When you receive a promotional item, how does it make you feel?  Happy? Excited? Appreciated?  or all of the above (rather all to the left)? Promotional products are infamous for making  recipients happy. As for the advertiser – their audience thanks them for it!

While these branded tools can increase awareness of your brand while making your customers feel loved while loving you back, there has always been a love-hate relationship that is associated with these tools.

Some of you may be shaking your heads in agreement, thinking of the last promotional item you received that made your day, maybe you just glanced down at your favorite promo pal.  Or maybe, you are even thinking of the last experience you had buying promotional items of your own.

Whatever the case, why the love-hate?  Why not a love-love?

You may love receiving or giving promotional items away, but the truth about all the hate is you may not have had a great experience with promotional items because you did not have a proper strategy in place that helped you get the results you were looking for.

Or, you were on the receiving end of a promotional campaign that did not have a strategy around it.

Another truth is, you may not even know that you need to have a strategy in place in order for the items to work to your benefit.

As a result, you are actually leaving money on the table (or in a box of unused promotional items) if you don’t incorporate a proper strategy.

Having a promotional product without a strategy in place is like buying ice cream to watch it melt. What do you think? Do you have a strategy in place for your promotional items?

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