Antina Case Study: Happy Teeth-Happy Clients

There are not too many people out there that enjoy going to the Dentist.  With drills and x-rays and needles and sharp tools, it is hard to find someone who looks forward to seeing their Dentist.  This, especially is the case for the patients of one of our clients who just so happens to be a Dentist.

Scenario: One day a month, our client the Dentist, pulls her clients’ teeth and was looking for a promotional item she could give to their clients afterward to make sure patients will get well soon, while still having a favorable opinion of the Doctor enough to come back.

Problem #1: How can the Dentist ensure a speedy recovery of its patients other than having them read the “after procedure instructions”?

Problem #2: How can the Dentist make their patients feel good enough to still like them – aside of having good bedside manners? (aka help maintaining a favorable opinion)

Problem #3: No one likes getting their teeth pulled – How can the Dentist make sure their patients will come back to them after having done such a hurtful procedure? (aka help with customer retention)

Hot-cold -packAntina Promotions to the Rescue: After hearing the Doctor’s concerns, we presented a tooth-shaped hot/cold pack that the Dentist could give to her patients after they had the tooth-pulling procedure.  This tooth shaped hot/cold pack contains gel beads that retain heat and cold.  Perfect for someone who has jaw pain and needs to apply ice or heat to the affected area as soon as possible.  The stock face on the tooth is sure to brighten a patients day, so giving the patient this item helps maintain a favorable opinion not only because they were given a “present” after they had their tooth pulled, but because it has the ability to help them recover.  As an added bonus, the Dentist’s contact information is added to the backside so patients can call in case of an emergency – which all-in-all creates good customer service, ensuring future visits to the Dentist who pulled their teeth!


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