Has Daylight Savings Time Worn You Down?

On March 12, we set our clocks forward.  While this is a good thing, meaning spring is right around the corner, it is also a very tiring thing!  No matter what I do during daylight savings time, I cannot escape the fact that one hour lost means many hours of fatigue.  How about you, has daylight savings time worn you down?

If so, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to look at some promotional items that can be used to help you try to catch more “Z’s” when you are sleepy.

Eye Mask


This soothing eye mask can be heated or cooled, depending on your needs or preferences to provide ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation you are looking for!

Ear Plugs

ear-p;ugsBlock out all the noise to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and give yourself the feeling you are actually catching up on the sleep you missed because of daylight savings time.

Neck Pillow


Added neck support can also help you get some much needed rest.


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