Surprising Promotional Items You Can Add Your Logo To

Promotional products can be a truly unique and one of a kind form of advertising, especially when you expand your thoughts on what you would like to use for your next promotion.  The “usual suspect” products are items such as pens, mugs, jar openers, etc.  However, the world of promotional products is broader than you would believe.  In fact, you would be surprised as to what you can brand with your company’s logo.  Lets take a look at some truly unique promotional products that demonstrate just how wide of a selection that you have.

Cocktail Shaker


This stainless steel cocktail shaker will definitely showcase your brand in a very sleek and stylish fashion.  This would be a great gift for your clients that would generate some positive buzz about your company.  The stainless steel shaker has a 25 oz. capacity and can be customized with your choice of imprinting methods.




Mini Fridge


This is definitely something special.  If this isn’t an attention getter I don’t know what is.  The Mini Fridge holds up to six cans of your favorite beverage, it has both hot and cold settings, and comes with an AC adaptor, a cigarette lighter adaptor, and has a removable shelf.  It also has a handle for easy carrying.




Bluetooth Item Tracker

TR226This last item, is a Bluetooth Item Tracker.  If you are constantly losing your phone, this handy little item will soon become your best friend.  Using the free smart phone app, you can begin to track your item from anywhere, anytime you misplace it.  If you misplace your phone, use the button on the tag and your phone will either vibrate or ring in order to be found.  Your customers will thank your company every time they find their items when they see your imprinted company name or logo!

2 thoughts on “Surprising Promotional Items You Can Add Your Logo To

  1. Yes..all three products are definitely unique as a promotional products. Like the way you have written the blog. Thanks for sharing such a nice post. Keep it up..!!

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