The Oddest Place You Will Find Promotional Products

Promotional items are everywhere.  In fact, you will probably come in contact with a few dozen logoed products this week. Where can you find them you ask?  Well, some of the more obvious places you can find promotional items are in your office (products like staplers, sticky notes, memo holders), your car (cell phone holders, cup holder coasters, insurance card holders) or in your kitchen (water bottles, vegetable peelers, oven mitts).  A less obvious place you can find promotional items is in restaurants (table tents, paper napkin holders, drinkware).  Now, finally, the oddest place you will find promotional products is in your bathroom.  Yes, that is right, promotional items can be found in your bathroom.

Here are some examples:

Toothpaste Dispenser

With this item, an advertiser’s message will be seen every morning (we hope!)

Water Saver Shower Timer


LED Night Light


Knowing where you can find promotional products is important because it helps advertisers know where their message target audience will most likely view their advertising message the most.

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