How To Make Your Next Trade Show As Fierce As Lady Gaga

If you have ever been an attendee at a trade show you know how overpowering the show floor can be from the time you walk in until the time you walk out.  What, with the 100’s of vendor booths and the crowds of people, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed?

If you have not started to plan for your Spring Trade Show, now is the time to start!

We’re not only talking about making sure you have an awesome awesome looking trade show display, we are talking about creating an Event Promotion Plan, one that will help you get the most out of your trade show.

So, what is your plan?

As a vendor at a trade show, knowing about an attendee’s struggle is only a fraction of the battle.  Why?  Because you want to find out how to get that overwhelmed attendee to find you, engage with you and remember you.

In order to do this, you need to focus on creating a plan of action that includes creating awareness of your presence at the show, brand awareness of your product or service, collect qualified leads and followup so you stand out from the rest of the vendors.

Some may say you want to make your trade show campaign as fierce as Lady Gaga to ensure that attendees will remember you!

Here are some tricks:

1. Create a Strategy

Lay it all out on the table.  Figure out the ins and outs of the entire show from finding out how to engage with your target audience to even marketing yourself to other exhibitors.

2. Market Before the Show

This is crucial to generate interest before the show so attendees will make it a point to see you when they get to the show.  A few ways to do this is through direct mail, social media and your email signature.

3. Create an Experience for Attendees

Not only do you want to attract visitors, you want to engage and educate them.  Be create here and give them an experience they will not forget!

4. Collect Information

A special offer provides a way for you to stay in contact with attendees. Create a special offer incentive in exchange for your visitors’ information.

5. Follow Up!

This is a crucial step to exhibiting a trade show.  Why go through all the above steps, including collecting contact information if you do not plan to use that information afterward? Some ways you can follow up are by simply calling your prospects, send out prizes, materials, samples or thank you letters for stopping by your booth.

If you take these extra steps to become bold and fierce to stand out, make sure you strategically plan your trade show. This way, your chances of having a successful trade show experience (meaning more leads, more opportunities for sales) will be greater than if you simply showed up and left your promo items sitting on the table.

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