10 Perfect Promotional Product Pairs You Will Love

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If you are in sales, you have heard that it takes more than one “touch” to generate a qualified lead?  While that number may be a few more than one touch – between 6 and 8 (sometimes more) to be exact – there are many ways you can find a way to touch upon your prospect and make an impression such as dropping an email to say hello, following them on social media sites, etc.

But, what if you want to make a lasting impression that goes beyond simply saying hello?  What if you wanted to stand out from everyone else who is doing the same? A good idea would be to send your prospects a useful product with your name on it that would be kept in front of them so when they are ready to buy your product/service, they would know exactly who to call.  A great idea would be to send a few products over time to increase your chances of generating a qualified lead and making a sale.

For example, promotional product “pairs” can help strengthen your message to those you are targeting and will help you in your efforts to generate a qualified lead.  Some examples of promotional product pairs are:

  1. Water Bottles + Sports Bags
  2. T-Shirts + Hoodies (think Spring and Fall time when layering is popular)
  3. Magnets + Pizza Cutters
  4. Tablet Case + Stylus Pen
  5. Calendars + Pens
  6. Powerbank + Earbuds
  7. Frisbee + Sunglasses
  8. Ice/Gel Pack + First Aid Kit
  9. Cell Phone Holder + Screen Cleaner
  10. Beach Towel + Beach Ball

As you can see, there are many promotional product pairs that go together and have similar themes that can help you create a lasting impression on your prospects and can help you generate a quality lead.

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