Top 5 Antina Blogs From the Past 5 Years

In lieu of our 5 Year Anniversary, we decided we would compile some data and showcase our Top 5 Blogs from the past 5 years.

1. 10 Benefits for Using Promotional Products

Promotional products are powerful marketing tools for your brand, company, event or other organization.  In fact, there are many benefits to using promotional products over other forms of advertising.

1. Promotional products give a unique and creative flair to advertising campaigns.

2. Because they are unique, promotional products help your company stand out from your competitors. Read More.


2. 7 Ways to Use Custom T-Shirts to Advertise Your Company

Custom apparel is very common among company’s who want to place logos on their company uniforms.  But, have you ever considered using custom apparel such a custom t-shirt to advertise your company?  If designed properly, custom t-shirts can give your advertising campaign the boost that it may have been looking for.  This is because recipients will more than likely wear the t-shirt.  When they wear the t-shirt, you have a “walking billboard” advertising your company wherever the recipient goes your message will be seen by people around the recipient.

Aside of using a t-shirt as a uniform for your company, here are 7 ways to you can use custom t-shirts to advertise your company today. Read More.

3. 4 Handy Promotional Items for Insurance Companies

One of the most popular promotional items used by the insurance industry are Insurance Card Holders.  These handy holders are perfect for advertising the agency or company as well as creating goodwill towards customers.  They create goodwill by giving recipients a safe and efficient place to keep their important documents in case of emergency.  What’s more is these insurance card holders come complete with foil-stamped personalization to give these items a professional look.

With four different styles to choose from, insurance companies are sure to impress customers. Read More.

4. Exciting Decorating Technique Transforms Appearance of Garments

A unique decorating technique, originally popular in the 1960’s and 70’s, is slowly gaining popularity again.  In our opinion, it surpasses the decoration of screenprinting and direct to garment printing (DTG) on apparel.  This decorating technique, called dye-sublimation, is a process that can also be printed on garments as well as other products like hats, lanyards, socks, mousepads and mugs.  Dye-sublimation is a special kind of printing because instead of focusing on one imprint area, it can print on the entire product. Read More.

5. How to Create a Virtual Sample in Our Promotional Product Store

Since the launch of our new Antina Promotions Promotional Product Store, we have been receiving questions about the functionality of our “virtual sample” feature.  The virtual sample feature on our website allows visitors to upload their company logo directly onto some promotional products.  This way, the visitor can see what their logo looks like on the product they choose before they purchase promotional products from our web store.

So, if you happen to be browsing through our site, here are the step-by-step instructions on how to upload your logo onto promotional products on our web store. Read More.




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