How To Start Using Promotional Products As Advertisements

Have you ever received a promotional item and wondered, “Hey, how do I get my company’s logo on a product?”.  If you have never purchased promotional items before and are wondering where to start, you are in luck!  We are here to help you learn how to start using promotional products.

  1. Create a plan.  This is the most important part.  You need to find out who you will be distributing your products to and how you will distribute the products.
  2. Once you know who you will be distributing the products to, think of the smaller details you may need when trying to find your products.  The more details you have, the easier your search will be.  For example, is a specific color product important to your brand?
  3. Once you find out who you are trying to reach and all the details, you can now seek out products that your particular audience will be likely to hold onto.  This will help you narrow your options.
  4. When you choose your products, think about the imprint.  Besides your logo or company name, you should add contact information.  You do not have to add your email address, phone number and address.  The best contact method will do.  Extra tip:  if you would like additional information printed on the product, like the tagline to your campaign, look at the imprint size and make sure all the information will fit.

These tips will get you on the right track to choosing the perfect promotional items for your campaign.  For ideas on different ways to distribute your products, see our blog, “The Best Ways to Use Promotional Products“.

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