The Best Ways to Use Promotional Products

There are many promotional products in the world today, you can almost get a logo printed on, well, everything! Why wouldn’t you want to put your logo on everything anyway?  It has been proven that promotional products have a track record of presenting great results in giving you a good return on your investment, helping you gain new clients, creating customer loyalty, giving not only brand recognition, but positive brand recognition, you get the idea.  Now, if you think there are a lot of promotional products out there in the world that could be put to good use, you better believe there are even more ways to use them in your marketing that are beneficial to your company.  Since you may not have the time to read all of the ways to use them, we will give you (some of) the best ways to use promotional products!

envelopeDirect Mail

Did you know that mail that is lumpy has a greater chance of being opened?  This is huge when sending a mailer since most mail pieces are thrown away.  Adding a promotional item to your mail piece will not only bring attention to your mail piece, recipients will have a greater chance of reading your mail piece.

The “Business Card”

Instead of exchanging a 2.5″x3″ card with your information, find a small item that is easy to carry around and pass this out instead of your business card.  Not only will you stand out, you will easily be remembered, too.

Gift with Purchasegift

Whether you sell a product or a service, a great way to hand out your promotional items is to give one away when a customer buys from you.  If you sell products and normally give a free product with a purchase, think how you can relate a promotional item to your product or find a promo item to place your product inside of.  If you sell services, giving away an interesting product will work.  In both cases, you can entice buyers to buy from you and you can also gift buyers for buyers for buying from you.


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