They Do What? 7 Secrets About Promotional Products

You may think of promotional products as items with information printed on them that companies give away.  While this is true, we have only skimmed the top of what promotional products are used for and what they can do.  If we dig a little deeper, below the surface to talk about the qualities of promotional products that people might not talk about, you will see that there is so much more to promotional products than you can imagine.  Here are 7 secrets about promotional products that you may not know about.

  1. Promotional products stick around – the average time promotional products are kept by recipients is 7 months.  This means, the longer promotional items are kept, the more impressions they receive.  Sometimes, impressions come from other people than the original recipient.
  2. Logoed bags generate more impressions than any other promotional item in the US.
  3. Promotional products can get passed along, physically and verbally.  Those who receive promotional items may create buzz about your company by talking about who you are and what you gave them.  However, sometimes recipients do not have uses for the items, so they will usually give them to someone else rather than throw it away.
  4. Speaking of usefulness, those who receive promotional items want products that are useful to them opposed to wanting products that are more attractive.
  5. When you give away logoed items, you are giving away a piece of your company’s identity.  It has been proven that 85% of recipients of your promotional items can identify you from the promotional items they own.
  6. Plus, promotional items can give your company a more favorable impression from your audience.
  7. Promotional items are less expensive per impression than most other forms of advertising and the cost for promotional products are not expected to considerably increase in the next few years.

There you go!  Now you can see promotional products are a great avenue to reach your target audience with these 7 secrets about promotional products.


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