5 Least Favorite Promotional Products

Everyone has their favorite promotional products, their “go-to” that helps them connect with their target audience in a way that makes sense for their business model and advertising campaign.  On the flip side, there are also those products that are a little less favorable than others.  Maybe people have received these items one too many times to make them roll their eyes and think “not another one of those”, maybe the product is on the cheaper side of the promotional product spectrum.  Either way, here is a list of 5 of the least favorite promotional products.

1. Magnets

More specifically, thin magnets.  Don’t you hate it when you get a magnet that does not stick anywhere because the magnetic backing is so thin that it cannot hold itself, let alone other items you are trying to hang with it?

2. Cell Phone Cases

Not everyone has an iPhone, not everyone will have the most recent upgrade to the iPhone and some people have Android phones.  When you  purchase branded cell phone cases, do you only give them out to people who have that specific phone that will fit the case?  Talk about limiting your advertising when your ideal client has a phone that does not match the case!

3. Buttons

There was a time when people would add buttons to backpacks, jean jackets and bags.  Nowadays, buttons have become a moot point.  Not many people will see a button they received from a company and say, “I think I’m going to wear this today”.

4. Cheap Pens

Not inexpensive pens.  Cheap pens.  You know, the cheap pens that fall apart in your hands? The pens that run in and out of ink as you are writing?  You know, the pens that go in the trash?  Yes, those, people don’t like those types of pens!

5. Carabiners

This is another item that was good for its time, and that time is not now.  These are outdated items that we recommend staying away from when you are looking for your next giveaway items.



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