How Promotional Products Can Get You Out of Trouble

Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop at the office

In the business world, we all have had “those days” where issues arise and sometimes, it is hard to please our customers.  Even if your company is the “go-to” in your field and have a very great reputation, issues are bound to happen one time or another.  Issues like, your computer was down for a day, orders were not fulfilled on time, your customer service had slow response times, production had to be shut down for a day are all common issues as to why a customer’s needs could not be taken care for a short period of time.  When these issues occur, this can sometimes lead to unhappy customers which is the opposite of what we would like to happen.

If you have had issues like this in the past, or are afraid issues may come up one day in your business, you may want to consider creating a plan of action to turn your customer’s frown upside down.  Luckily, promotional products have an excellent track record for creating goodwill between companies and clients.  Here is how it works:

Let’s one of the above mentioned issues happen and no matter what you do, you have a few clients who are unhappy with the level of service they have received.  It is time to step up your apology and send those few clients a free gift and maybe include an apology note with an invitation to come back and try out your products or services again.  Gifts such as logoed chocolates and other treats, etched wine bottles, powerbanks or bluetooth speakers, to name a few great gifts to send to reconcile your relationship with your clients.

In the end, your clients will think more highly of you, will be happier and will maybe even forget the small issue that occurred at your business that day.

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