How Did Promotional Items Become The Best? Find Out Here!

Promotional items have been around since way way back when George Washington needed commemorative buttons when he was elected president.

Ever since then, these advertising specialties have evolved from buttons to calendars to wooden specialties and Farmers Almanacs.  Evolving all the way up to today when we see items such as measuring cups, oven mitts, earbuds and portable cell phone chargers.

Not only have they been around for quite some time, some claim that promotional products are the best way to advertise a company’s brand image.  How did promotional items become the best?  You are about to find out!

Here is a list of the top 25 reasons why promotional items are the best:

  1. Promotional items have a cost per impression of 0.5 Cents!
  2. They are kept for nearly 7 months giving you more exposure with a long term advertisement that does not cost more than the initial investment
  3. Consumers will remember you – about 9 in 10 recipients can identify an advertiser on a promotional product they were given
  4. Not only that, promotional items give you a more favorable impression
  5. Your investment in promotional items is modest, more targeted and more achievable for small businesses.
  6. They are a very flexible advertising medium and can easily target different audiences
  7. Promotional items promote goodwill
  8. The products are tangible and can generate repeat exposure
  9. When your contact information is printed on your promo items, it increases the chance that people will contact your company
  10. Advertising specialties can help you build relationships with current or prospective customers
  11. A promotional product can better position your company and give you extensive awareness.
  12. Promotional products help generate new and repeat business.
  13. They help create awareness of your product, service, brand, marketing campaign, etc.
  14. Promotional products help you extend your reach when promoting new products and services
  15. You can reinforce company programs by offering employees promotional items for participation and/or reaching their goals.
  16. They can help you increase traffic to your website or location.
  17. You can use promo items to educate customers about the features, advantages and benefits of your product or service.
  18. Worried about discounting your products an services? Giving away a promotional item, instead, will have the same effect
  19. When you advertise with promotional items, it is easy to find products that will fit your budget.
  20.  The promotional items you give demonstrate the quality of service or products you have.
  21. Marketers get a more favorable ROI from advertising specialties than most other popular advertising media.
  22. Promotional items have been proven to help create long-term relationships as you can use them to build customer loyalty and trust.
  23. You can use them along with a sales letter in a direct mail piece to increase your response rates by 50%
  24. You can differentiate your company by using useful and creative promotional items in your advertising campaigns
  25. Promotional product giveaways have the power of getting people to talk about your brand.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using promotional products to promote and grow your company, it’s no wonder promotional products have been the best!

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