Product Spotlight: Hot/Cold Packs

Cold packs have come a long way since a bag of frozen peas or a simple bag of ice.  I’m sure that at some point in your life you have had your fair share of bumps and bruises.  We all have.  And I bet that at some point you have needed a hot or cold pack to ease your aches and pains.  Bags of ice can be rigid and uncomfortable, and well a bag of frozen peas is not always available and can be impractical.  Plus, what if you need a hot press for a tight muscle.  Believe it or not, a promotional product can be the answer to both of these problems.

Just imagine, you brand your company’s logo on one of these awesome products and give them to employees, customers, and just about anyone else that you can think of.  Sure they will look great as there are different colors to and styles to choose from that can match your logo or even the theme of an event.  The real magic happens when the recipient gets the pack home.  Your gift to them will come to the rescue and help to ease pains and injuries.  Your company will be their hero.  Talk about some positive brand recognition.

Hot/Cold packs have evolved to be comfortable and very practical.  One type of pack that has become a fast favorite of mine has the aqua pearls.  The aqua pearls are soft and feel great.  These packs can be frozen for cold relief or if a hot press is desired, simply place in the microwave for a few seconds and that’s all it takes!  Some styles even come with a plush side for comfort while holding the pack.  Better yet, packs can even come in custom shapes to better suit your promotion.

There is no doubt that these are great products.  They are great for businesses of all types, from dentists to physical therapists, and even day cares or schools.  The wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes make it extremely easy to implement seamlessly into your next promotion!

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