When Promotional Items Send Prospects Running For Cover

To a business owner or company, promotional items are products with logos on them that companies use to get their name across to their current clients and to prospects to help companies make a good impression to create awareness of their brand.  This means that it is always good to know what will and will not work to promote your company and its brand image.

Think of it this way: if you are sending your clients and prospects promotional items so they can know you, remember you and relate to you, and you want to make good impressions, over and over again (for example, this can happen when recipients hold onto items).  This is because, to a recipient of a promotional product, promotional products are free gifts given to them by a company.  Most of the time, the recipient is excited to have received a free gift, they will hold onto it, they will remember the company who gave it to them and they will tell their friends all about how the company gave them that gift.

If promotional products create such great reactions and responses from the recipient, is it possible for promotional items to give your company a bad reputation?  The answer to this is: Yes!  Therefore, as a business owner, it is good to know when promotional items send prospects running for cover.

The answer to this is: cheap products.  Quality is definitely key in this equation.  Everyone has received that one pen that falls apart when it is clicked, or the ink is clumpy or runs out after a few uses.  If your company gives away that type of pen to your prospects, do you think you are giving away a good impression of your company?

This is an easy fix: avoid cheap products.  I’m not talking about avoiding “inexpensive” products (as in low cost), I am talking about avoiding lower quality (cheap) products.  Not only will cheap promotional products not give your company a good impression, you will not gain the repeat impressions you should be shooting for.

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