Why Promotional Products Are the New Black

the-new-blackIn advertising, it is important to keep your brand on top of your clients’ minds so they think about your company over your competitors when they need your services.  In order for your message to stick, you need to find a way for your clients to not only remember you, but identify your company, have a positive impression on your company and help drive more business to your company.  Luckily, promotional products have a great track record of helping companies achieve gain greater brand awareness!  This is great news and quite possibly the reason why promotional products are the new “black”.

Identify Your Company

When prospects and clients can identify your company, it is different than simply remembering your company.  Someone can remember “that one company who…”, but when they identify your company they can say “XYZ Company does…”.  In fact, 6 in 7 recipients of a promotional item can identify an advertiser from the product they have.   This is significant because promotional products have a long shelf life, keeping your message in front of your audience for an extended period of time.

Positive Impression

Studies have shown that promotional gifts can help give your company a more positive impression with your clients and prospects.  One of the reasons for this is giving promotional products to your audience promotes goodwill which leads to a more favorable impression.

Drive More Business

Promotional products can help you drive more business in a few different ways.  For one thing, greater brand awareness plus favorable impressions can help you naturally generate more sales.  Not only that, since promotional items are different (and fun) they can create interest in your company and can make your target audience want to learn more about you.

All in all, there are many different benefits of promotional items that can help the brand recognition of your company along with helping create a positive impression of your brand to drive more business. While these are only reasons why they are gaining popularity in the advertising world and quite possibly the reason why promotional products are the “new black”.

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