Summer is Here! Add Some Color To Your Next Promotion

Summer is finally here!  I’m not sure about the winter you had, but I am happy to have made it out alive, myself.  To celebrate the changing seasons, I thought I would show some interesting color changing promotional products.  Color changing products are fun and versatile items that can be used to brighten up any promotion and are also great items that you can use in your next marketing campaign.  And, of course, they are great products to customize and add your company’s logo and/or marketing message.

1. Color Changing Stadium Cups


This reusable cup is 17 oz and changes color when ice-cold beverages are added. Cup starts out white and once you fill it up, it changes colors according to the color you specify.

2. Color Changing Coaster

color-changing-coasterThis coaster is changes color when a cold or hot item comes in contact with it.  Made of heat sensitive silicone, this makes a for a great promotional item if you are looking for an item that changes color.

3. Color Changing Stress Reliever

color-changing-stress-relieverLast but not least, we have a color changing stress reliever that changes colors when squeezed.  Filled with a liquid gel, this item is fun item to use for stress relief, physical rehab and exercise.


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