3 BS Facts About Promotional Items Everyone Thinks Are True

Promotional items are effective advertising tools that can help you accomplish many sales and marketing goals.  However, oftentimes promotional products are misunderstood which prevents others from realizing the benefits that can be gained from advertising with promotional products.  So, we are here to debunk 3 BS facts about promotional items everyone thinks are true.

1. The more promotional items I give away, the more people will see my logo and the more business I will get.

Think of it this way: promotional items are advertising investments.  Which means, you should expect a return from your investment.  In order to not throw away your advertising dollars, the best way to execute your “giveaway” is to plan how you will give the items away and plan who exactly you will give the items to.  This way, you will be able to select who will hold onto your promotional item giving you a better chance of the brand recognition you crave.

2. Everyone throws out promotional products, they are a waste of money

Studies have shown that promotional products are more likely to be given away to someone else before they are thrown away.  In fact the Impressions Study of 2014 by ASI showed that 63% of recipients will give the item to someone else before throwing it away.

3. Promotional products are expensive and I will have to spend a lot of money

In the promotional products world, there is a wide variety of items that are completely customizable.  This means you can find items to incorporate into your marketing plans that will fit your budget and you will not have to spend a lot of money on promotional products.

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