12 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About Promotional Products

Promotional products are useful items with an advertiser’s name, logo, marketing message, offer or other promotional message an advertiser would like to promote.  Many companies use these products to advertise, thank customers, build clientele and maintain their current clientele – to mention a few.  If you work for a company that uses promotional products for their advertising and marketing strategies, there may be a few things the “powers that be” expect you to know about promotional products – below we have listed 12 things:

1. Promotional products are advertising investments, they should be used properly in order to get a return for their investment.

2. Please, please do not randomly pass out these products to anyone and everyone – strategically give away promotional items.

3. Bring promotional products with you on your sales calls, it is always nice to have a “leave behind” so your prospect will remember you.

4. Use promotional products as tools to help you advertise, sell and build relationships.

5. Measure your results!  Who you gave the promo items away to, the number of callbacks you receive from giving the items away, orders from prospects who saw your promotional item.

6. Make sure you are proactively trying to find prospects to send/give promotional items to – don’t keep them in the box, planning for the distribution of promotional items is just as important as the items themselves.

7. Have your marketing objective in mind when choosing a promotional product to use.

8. Don’t purchase 1000’s of pens if you do not plan on giving away 1000’s of pens to 1000’s of quality leads.

9. Use promotional products to generate more customer referrals.

10. Make sure the product you give away is relevant and useful to your target audience.

11. Give a promotional product away instead of a discount to save money.

12.  Even small marketing budgets can achieve big-time results with promotional products.

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