Your Clients’ Number 1 Fan This Summer

Summertime is ALMOST here – as Memorial Day has just passed, we are a little over a month away from more sunshine, picnics, parties and hot weather!  If you know a lot of clients who do not like when it is hot outside, come to the rescue and give them a promotional item with your name on it that will cool them down.  Need some ideas?  Hand fans are great ideas because not only will the fans cool recipients down, and are portable allowing them to carry your advertisement around with them.

1. Fold Up Hand Fan

This nylon fan will definitely keep recipients cool this summer as it is extremely portable and compact for easy. It can easily fold up and the elastic strap keeps it in place until it needs to be used again.

2. Mini Fan

mini fanThis battery operated (batteries included!) fan comes with a belt clip and lanyard for easy carrying.

3. Keychain Fan


Recipients will have this fan close by on hot days and will only lose it if they lose their keys!  Includes keyring and button cell battery.  Fan turns on with a push button and dual side switches up to open fan and down to retract fan.

With these fans in your clients’ hands this summer, your company’s advertisement is sure to be seen over and over again – especially if they do not like the heat of summer.  Also, not only will these fans become your clients’ number one item to carry around, your clients will become your number one fan because you gave them a tool they can use to cool down this summer.

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