3 Promotional Items That Will Let Your Brand Travel

If you have clients who like to travel or have to travel a lot for business, why not let them take you with them?  Well, maybe not you, physically.  But, they can definitely take your company’s brand along for the ride.  There are a variety of promotional items to put your logo on that will help make the frequent traveler’s journey easier and perhaps more fun!

1. The Grip Luggage Identifier

luggage-identifierThis item is a great way to ensure proper luggage identification.  It has the ability to wrap around most bag handles not only for identification but for improved handing of luggage.

2. Aero-Safe Travel Kit

Travel-BottlesKnow frequent travelers who like to take a carry on? This travel kit is a must! The set includes four colored bottles (including one spray bottle), a funnel for transferring liquids, and it meets the requirements set by TSA.  All pieces are clear so that security officials can easily see contents and they come with their own bag for easy packing and can be easily removed from luggage if needed.

3. Luggage Scale

Luggage-scaleMake check-in easier and help recipients avoid extra baggage fees by giving travelers this luggage scale that can weigh luggage up to 75 pounds.  This luggage scale also comes with a metal tape measure with both a metric and inch scale.

These are a few select items that will not only make your clients’ and future clients’ lives easier, your brand will get the chance to travel with them, giving you exposure in different places and broadening your brand’s reach.

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