Bottoms Up! Unique Promotional Drinkware Can Help You Stand Out

Promotional drinkware is a popular item that is given away to clients and prospects alike to advertise a company or to simply give away as a gift.  When you think of promotional drinkware, what do you think of?  Coffee mugs, perhaps?  It wouldn’t be surprise me if the majority of you thought of coffee mugs because most of the time, coffee mugs are the go-to promotional drinkware item.  But, if every company that is similar to yours is giving away a coffee mug, how can you stand out from the masses?  We have the solution for you – we came up with three unique drinkware items that will help you stand out from those other companies giving away a bunch of coffee mugs.

1. Soda Pop Water Bottle

soda-pop-water-bottleThis 22oz tumbler is reminiscent of the vintage soda-pop bottle.  It features a colorful screw-on lid that looks just like a bottle cap!  This cap prevents spills and allows for a straw to be placed inside.

2. Beer Buddy

beer buddyWe have all heard of the “Vino2Go” – now comes the “Beer Buddy” – a 14oz beer cup that holds any beverage of your choice.  This cup features a double walled acrylic material that keeps your beverage cool and also comes with a lid to prevent spills.

3. Manhattan Tumbler

manhattan-tumblerSimilar to the above, this Manhattan Tumbler is for those who don’t like to drink out of a beer cup.  This 7oz double walled tumbler comes with a slider-twist-closure lid so you can prevent spills and look classy at the same time.

4. Glass Solo Cup

glass-party-cup This 16oz cup takes a spin on the classic “Solo” style cup that is normally seen at parties and picnics, alike.  The only difference between a regular disposable solo cup, the hard plastic reusable solo cup, and this cup is that this cup is made of glass.  So, for those who are fans of the solo cup, this drinkware item would be a great souvenir that they will be able to hold onto.


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