It’s Spring! Take Your Promotions Outdoors

Aahh spring! The time of year we can finally start getting out of the house to enjoy the outdoor activities we have been craving to do when we were stuck inside all winter!  If you are a business owner or marketer that is trying to reach an audience indoors, maybe it is time to take it outside.  How can you do that, you ask?  Well, using promotional products your target audience can use outdoors is a start!  Here are a few products that will help you take your promotions outdoors.

Picnic-Throw1. Picnic Throw

With the Carry-It (TM) picnic throw, you can target families that enjoy picnicking at the local park.  This picnic throw is made from polyester and fits into a durable zippered outer panel with handle for easy storage and carrying.

Frisbee2. Frisbee

Whether they are outdoors at a picnic, a park, or anywhere outside, give them an excuse to go outside – people like to play games outdoors, why not provide a fun item, like a Frisbee?  Frisbees come in all different sizes and are great used when you are targeting both families and businesses.

Rain-Poncho3. Rain Poncho

Well, it is spring – it is not unlikely for it to rain, and rain a lot.  So, why not help your target audience out and give them a Rain Poncho To-Go so they can carry a poncho (and your logo) with them in case they get caught in a spring shower?  This convenient, lightweight rain poncho includes a round plastic ball container with a snap-on clip that easily attaches to purses, backpacks or belt loops.  As an adult sized, one size fits all poncho, it would be a great item to give to golfers, people who like amusement parks, sports fans and travelers.

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