“Fore” Promotional Product Ideas to Help Your Game

The weather has finally started to break which has golfers of all skill levels ready to hit the links.  Luckily, we have some awesome promotional products that you can give to your clients.

1. Pitchfix

Golfers should take pride in the courses that they play and take care of the grass that makes the course so beautiful.  Often times when the ball strikes the green it can cause a dent in the turf.  This is where the Pitchfix(R) can come in handy.  The Pitchfix(R) is a classic spring-action golf divot tool with a sleek, European design.  It is solid aluminum and comes in 6 intense metallic colors. The Pitchfix(R) also includes a custom ball marker with a full color imprint.  To put an extra little tough of class on this handy tool, the Pitchfix(R) comes with a rectangular metal gift box.


2. Drizzle Stick

One of the greatest parts of the game is being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Sometimes mother nature can turn on us though right in the middle of the back nine.  You have come this far and are determined to finish, there’s no going back now.  A little water wont hurt, but what about your clubs?  Simple, pop up your Drizzle Stick Golf Bag Umbrella.  This is always a great tool to have in your bag.  The handle extends to 55″ long and opens in seconds! It is the perfect length to protect your gear from the rain and allows easy access to your clubs. When closed, the Drizzle Stick is just 35″ short and easily fits into the side pocket of your golf bag.

3. Logoed Visor

When the weather does cooperate however, you should be prepared.  A favorite among golfers is the sun visor.  This is a great item that can have a high end feel due to the embroidery, yet at a reasonable cost per piece.  They can come in a variety of colors and have an adjustable back that will allow it to fit any one who receives one.  I feel that the two tone visors offers a great way to color coordinate with your company’s colors!


 4. Sof-Tee-Golf Tee

One of my pet peeves is the shattered tees that litter the area where you tee off.  A great product that eliminates the litter is the Sof-Tee Golf Tee.  This soft option to the standard wooden tee eliminates difficult insertion or breakage on hard, dry ground.  It also gives choice of low or high teeing level by simply rolling up the base. It can be comfortably carried in your pocket eliminating a pocket full of sharp wooden tees. These are great for golf outings, door prizes, trade shows and fundraisers.




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