What is a PMS Color and Why is It Important to Your Brand Image

colorsBelieve it or not, there is an authority on color.  No, not the fashion police!  It is none other than Pantone, LLC.  Not only are they the authority on color, they are the provider of color systems.  The best known system is the Pantone Matching System (PMS).  This is a universal guide mainly used by painters and printers to identify matches of color.

How PMS colors work is every color is assigned a number allowing you to be able to choose a specific color when trying to paint your home or print on advertising materials and promotional items.  This system assures you get a specific spot color across all mediums.

While PMS colors work well for spot colors, it does not work well with process colors.  Process colors are defined using the CMYK system or the percentage of each of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black that goes into a color.

So, why is this important for your brand image?  As you may know, it is always nice to have a consistent brand image.  This includes consistency with your company colors.  Therefore, if you know your company logo’s PMS colors, it will be easier for you to streamline your print materials, promotional items and maybe even office colors!


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