Display Products: Another Great Way to Advertise

We have mentioned it before, but we can place a logo on practically anything and everything.  This week, we are going to be talking about display products.  You know, the advertisements sitting on tables at restaurants (called table tents)?  The brochure holders you see at hotels that hold travel brochures with information about nearby attractions?  Or, how about the wall-mounted racks you see holding medical pamphlets at your doctor’s office?

Yes, we can place your company’s logo on all of these items, and then some.  Here is a list of some of the display products we can provide for you when you are in the market to display your ads or company logo in restaurants, banks, auto shops, supermarkets, hotels, and more.

Clear Brochure Holder

This clear acrylic display holds tri-fold brochures or rack cards.  You can choose brochure holders from 1-4 tiers with one one pocket or you can choose holders with multiple pockets or with business card pockets attached.


3 Pocket Rotating Displays

Rotating displays come in a variety of different sizes, depending on your needs – either a tri-fold brochure, a rack card or full sheet flyers and rotates so you can insert different types of information or switch it up.



Table Tents

Table tents and countertop displays are the most diverse because they have the most size options and panel choices.  You can get a top or bottom loading table tent you would usually see at restaurants on the tables with drink specials, desserts or drink advertisements.   You can get a one, two, three, six or eight panel frame.


clear table tent

Business Card Holders

Business card holders are used to hold…well, business cards – you will more often than not see these displayed on countertops by cash registers.  Two tiered or 4 tiered holders are available.



The above mentioned products are only some of the options we provide, you can also get combination holders, wall mount holders, ballot boxes, custom display products to showcase samples of your products, real estate boxes and more.  We will be happy to assist you with any display products you may be searching for along with ideas on how to effectively use display products to advertise!

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