Why Your Company Colors Are Important to Your Brand

colorsAny Michigan fans here?  We know you are rocking the Blue and Yellow.  What about Michigan State fans?  You are definitely sporting the green and white.  See what we did here?  We associated the University of Michigan and Michigan state with their school colors.  Now, think McDonald’s (red and yellow),  Facebook (Blue and White), Macy’s (Red and Black) or even Google (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red).

When is the last time you saw McDonald’s with Green arches?  … my point exactly.  A company’s colors are its “team” colors, they are the tried and true colors of its brand – when you think of the McDonald’s brand you are not going to think of Green – you will be thinking yellow as in the Golden Arches.

Now, think about your company – your company colors are just as important as the colors of the largest brand in the world!  When is the last time you changed your company’s colors?  Hopefully only during a complete re-branding of your company.  But, even then, maybe you did not change your colors and kept the colors, but changed your logo?

The reason your company colors are important is because it is a part of your brand identity. You want to make sure you keep the same colors so you can keep a consistent look and flow of your company for greater brand recognition.   Aside of your logo, your company colors coincide with how your customers perceive your company, remember your company and relate to your company.  So, you want to make sure you choose your color scheme and stick with it.  Incorporate your color scheme into your logo and then use it on everything including your marketing materials and promotional items.

To keep your colors consistent across all of your branding materials, we recommend figuring out which Pantone colors you should use with the Pantone Matching System (PMS).  Pantone colors are the universal language for colors so if you decide to use a certain green for your logo, make sure you get the exact PMS green you are looking for.  Since the Pantone colors are the universal language for color, you will be able to uniform all your marketing materials, embroidery colors for your branded apparel, promotional items (or imprint colors on your promotional items) and any item you can think of that needs your company colors, for that consistent and familiar look you should shoot for, for your brand.

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