New Decorating Method You Cannot Feel

This year, watch out for t-shirts and hoodies imprinted with a new and innovative decorating method you cannot feel.  This design method is called inFusion.  While it may look like dye sublimation, inFusion is a decorating method that unites with specialized fabrics, made specifically for inFusion and created with high-spun polyester and cotton, to become one with a garment to create a graphic print that is breathable and touchless with high resolution detail.

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How does this method compare to screenprinting?  

Well, screenprintnig prints low resolution images with non-breathable plastic ink that creates a heavy and bumpy finish on your apparel.  On the flip side, inFusion has double the resolution of screenprnting and is printed onto a garment to offer a breathable decoration that is untouchable.

Another difference to using inFusion is that your logo can be printed across seams and zippers to create flow with your design.

How does this method compare to dye sublimation?

While dye sublimation can create an all over print, inFusion has a maximum imprint size of 18″ x 12″.

What are the setup fees associated with inFusion?

I am sure you are familiar with paying a setup-fee per color with your screenprinted apparel. With inFusion, you can get a full color print with only one setup fee.

All in all, inFusion will give you the opportunity to create a branded garment that can give your apparel a retail-fashion look that recipients will be happy to wear and sport your design around town.

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