New and Updated Decoration Techniques for Your Logoed Apparel

When it comes down to decorating an apparel item you want to brand with your logo, you may be familiar with embroidery or screenprinting as a decorating method.  Now, there are more than just regular embroidery or screenpring available.  Now, there are new and updated decoration techniques for your logoed apparel.


Sparkly is in.  The newest trend in embroidery reflects this as smooth or twisted metallic threads can be used to decorate your garments.

sequin-embroiderySequin Embroidery

Sequin embroidery is a newer technique that uses an embroidery machine to sew sequins into your design.  This technique is mainly used for lettering design fills or outlines on t-shirts, fleece, denims and other smooth jackets.

Laser Tech Applique

Laser tech applique is great for performance fleece garments, bonded jackets or caps. This technique etches designs on simple shapes of the material that is being decorated to create a tech patch and then creates fine details that look like more of a tonal mark on the tech patch.


This method uses a “Bling Machine” to add spangles to a garment.  Spangles are like sequins but spangles do not have a hole in the center to be sewn onto the garment, spangles are placed on the garment in a similar way a heat transfer would be applied.


Woven-in logoes are woven from scratch to create a classic appearance that is not embroidery.


Sublimation printing is a process fuses dyes into polyester using heat and pressure.  With sublimated printing, it is possible to create an all over print on garments and apparel accessories.


Infusion takes sublimation a step further by uniting specialized fabrics with InFusion decoration to become one with the garment.  This decoration can not only transfer the garment, it can even decorate over seams and zippers.  The trademark of InFusion is that you cannot feel the decoration and it is 100% breathable.


Deboss is a depressed imprint usually seen on promotional products and paper products like business cards, invitations, etc.  However, how you can deboss your garments!  This happens by compressing fabric with a metal plate so the fabric can be reformed.  We would say this is the go-to method for waterproof jackets because this method does not puncture the garment and will allow it to keep its waterproof capability.

UV Screenprinting

UV Screenprinting uses UV ink that changes from clear to color when exposed to UV light like sunlight or a blacklight.  Also called “Photochromics” (PC’s), the ink becomes colored after 15 seconds in direct UV light and can transform back to clear after about 5 minutes when it is not exposed.

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