How To Reuse Banners In Between Tradeshow Seasons

Tradeshow season is starting to wind down as it breaks until spring.  If you recently updated your tradeshow banner, purchased a new display or love your current display you may be sad to store your items in a closet until the next tradeshow season.  You may feel sad because you spent a lot of time and effort making sure you pinpointed the best aspects of your business, product or service and you can only use it a few times a year.  Not to mention, this stuff can be costly – depending on what you purchased.

Well, good news, you do not have to store your banners away, you can definitely use them when you are not using them to exhibit at a booth.  Think about it, these items have highlights of what you do!  It is perfect advertising for your company.  Don’t store it away – showcase your signs and banners at every opportunity you can get for maximum exposure.

For example, you can educate and inform customers, patients, visitors about your services and specials as well as create cross-selling opportunities by simply displaying your banners and signs in your lobby, office, or showroom.

Are you hosting a holiday party or open house for new and existing clients?  This is a great time to display your banners to inform others on what you do.

Sponsoring an event?  Ask if you can display your banner or signage in the meeting room.  The possibilities are endless.

Signage and displays are great tools to create brand awareness, increase sales for items you are promoting, increase traffic in the locations your signage is displayed, increase consumer awareness and satisfaction, increase sales in a signage location and increase purchase amount of an individual so why not showcase your banners whenever and wherever an opportunity arises?

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