Pantone Colors Announced for Fall 2014

As fall 2014 -pantone-color-of-the-yearapproaches us, the Pantone Color Institute(R) fashion report is released right on schedule.  This year, according to Pantone’s website, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute(R) stated, “‘This is a season of untypical colors – more reflective of the imagine and ingenuity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual hues for fall.'”

At the end of 2013, Pantone announced its color of the year for 2014 – Radiant Orchid – along with a color palette of 9 colors that were said to create the perfect balance of color in the spring of 2013.  Now that the spring colors are out of season, it is time to announce the new color palette for Fall 2014.

While Radiant Orchid is still the color of the year, the color palette that surrounds this color is compiled of glamorous, captivating and sophisticated hues for both males and females.

This fall’s female lineup of Pantone colors next to Radiant Orchid are Sangria, Aurora Red, Mauve Mist, Cypress, Bright Cobalt, Royal Blue, Aluminum, Cognac and Misted Yellow.  The men’s fashion palette is comprised of the same color palette as the female fashion palette with the exception of Mauve Mist which is replaced with Sea Fog.

Female color palette for Pantone Fall 2014. Radiant Orchid, Royal Blue, Aluminum, Aurora Red, Misted Yellow, Sangria, Mauve Mist, Cognac, Bright Cobalt, Cypress. Swap Sea Fog (pictured below) with Mauve Mist in the color palette above and you get the men’s fall fashion color palette.





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