Like It, Love It, or Hate It? Pajama Themed Fashion Is In

Flowy, Sporty, Terry, Spandex and Flannel.

flannel-pantNew, up and coming pop star group? Or trendy features and materials in the fashion world?  Let’s talk about the latter.  As more and more people are starting to become acustomed to the “relaxed fit” style of clothing, cozy/pajama-themed fashions are starting to become ever so popular.

Because of this new pajama-esque fashion trend, we are seeing a shift from these types of clothing items being worn as lounge-wear at home to an alternative option in deciding what to wear to the gym and even to work.

Examples of lounge-wear that have become typical gym wear, are flannel pants, nylon/spandex pants, terry cloth shorts, flowy t-shirts and hoodies to name a few.  But, how do these clothing items fit into workwear?  Well, because of this trend, pajama-wear has become more than sweat pants and hoodies.  Pajama wear has transformed making it more upscale and sophisticated – allowing it to be able to become more acceptable to wear at work. For example, women are leaning more towards comfy silk blouses to loose fitting pants.

So, next time you think pajama themed – remember this new “relaxed fit” trend offers comfort, sophistication and convenience.  What do you think?  Do you like the way the pajama-themed garments are heading?  Do you love it?  Or, do you hate it?

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