Chalk Up Your Next Promotion with Promotional Products

Think back to when you were a kid, many of you may be familiar with taking your box of sidewalk chalk outside to draw all over your parents driveways, playing hopscotch until you couldn’t hop anymore, and feeling sad when your creations were washed away when it rained – playing with chalk was fun when you were a kid!  Fast forward a couple of years – it’s not the chalk that has evolved, it is the various canvas you have the ability to draw on!  Playing with chalk can be fun again!  The following are a few items that will help you advertise to chalk lovers everywhere and whether it you are giving these items away for a giveaway or a gift, you will definitely be able to chalk up your next promotion with the following items:

1. Repositionable Chalkboard Vinyl

This rectangle chalkboard measures 7″ x 8 1/4″ and features a repositionable adhesive backing so you can simply peel, stick and re-stick again and again. Includes 2 pieces of chalk with clip.

2. Chalkboard Calendar

Keep clients organized all year long while putting your brand on display with this Chalkboard Calendar. Each of these 11” x 10” closed size wall calendars features two personalized digital print imprint areas on both the back of the book and a drop ad option for the front.  This chalkboard calendar doubles as a calendar and a space for important notes and allows recipients to use soft chalk to write erasable reminders all year long.


3. Chalkboard Mug

These useful and appealing mugs feature a chalkboard surface and include 2 pieces of chalk for your clients to brand an rebrand their own mug whenever they like, write down their to-do list when they are drinking their morning coffee or tea, pass notes around the office and more.


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