Is It Time To Freshen Up and Update Your Trade Show Display?

It’s time to dust off your company’s logoed tablecloths, retractor banners and table top displays…trade show season is upon us!

If you frequent the trade show floor you know that one of the things you need is an eye catching display.  This ensures potential leads will be sure to find you in the crowd, and you will get a chance to tell them about the great products and services you offer.

But, how do you know when it is time to update your display?

Here are 3 ways to tell if you need to add “freshen up my display” to your trade show checklist.

1. Outdated Information

Maybe your company recently added new products and services that are not reflected on your trade show display.

Maybe your display does not reflect the most unique aspect of your company.

Or maybe there is outdated information such as phone numbers, email addresses, websites, etc. that need to be changed.  In either case, this is the number one reason to change your display because you want to reflect the most relevant aspects of your business along with updated contact information.

2. Your Display Has “Seen Better Days”

After exhibiting at a number of trade shows, you might think to yourself “Gosh, this display has seen better days”.

This is normal considering the amount of times you have had to set up, tear down and transport your display.  If you notice a little wear and tear, it is a great time to invest in another display that will give your company a fresh, clean look.

Plus, if your floor display is falling over, or your banner will not stand straight, you will want to consider safety as an opportunity to refresh your look.

3. Your Display is Not Getting Enough Attention

If your display is in great shape and is up to date, maybe you are noticing you are not getting enough of a response, or the response you would like at your trade show, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • “Does my display look too much like everyone else’s?”
  • “Is my display too plain?”
  • “Are my competitors getting more attention than I am?”.

Some of these questions may indicate you need to update your booth because you want to stand out instead of blend in, you want an eye catching design to attract attendees and you definitely want to stand out from your competitors.

All in all, your trade show booth is supposed to showcase and highlight your company’s best attributes.  But, if your booth looks outdated or is not working for you, then your investment will not help you as it should.

So, if you feel your display is outdated, worn out, or is not working for you, you should definitely consider making the investment and adding “new display” to your checklist, so it works for your company much (if not better) as your old display used to.

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