Get Your Promotional Products To Work Out For You

Fitness is an idea that many people know that they need to embrace yet found it hard to dedicate themselves to it.  That may have been true at one point, but it is no secret now that being healthy does not have to be such a chore.  There are always new workouts, diets, gyms and fitness clubs, or activities to participate in to get you into shape.  The popularity of one activity that has grown so much in recent years is running.  I am sure that you have seen the adds for fun runs, 5k’s, 10k’s, and themed runs.  These are great events to get your brand in the public’s eye.  These events are always a great time for all that participate and promotional products could be a valuable keepsake that the participants would keep for as long as possible.  Here are some great ideas to get your next promotion up and running!

1. Cell phone/MP3 player Arm Band

This item is designed to hold both Apple and most Android devices.  The adjustable armband is made of high-performance neoprene for superior comfort and a secure fit.  It also features a high-visibility reflector for safety if you are running, walking, or riding when visibility is not the best.  Definitely a must have for any one that will be hitting the gym or the jogging/biking trails.






2. Pedometer

Pedometers are a given when it comes to promoting to runners or fitness nuts!  This pedometer is a useful tool that will keep track of your walking activity each day.   It tracks your steps, calories burned and distance walked each day.  The handy clip easily attaches the pedometer to a waistband or belt.



3. Performance Apparel

Performance apparel has come a long way from just cotton tank tops and t-shirts to stylish apparel that can have moisture wicking, antimicrobial and Eco-friendly properties.  For example, the left racer-back tank that is shown to the left is  67% bamboo lyocell, 29% cotton, and 4% spandex. Bamboo has natural inherent properties that wick moisture and is naturally anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and breathable with no added chemical treatments. StretchFlex (TM) technology provides garment with comfort, freedom of movement, lasting recovery and a great fit.


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