Help Invitees Count Down the Days to Your Big Event

Are you looking for a unique event mailer that will help invitees remember the date of your big event?  We have the perfect item to present to you.  This particular item can be customized to fit the needs of anyone sending out a big event mailer to notify recipients to save the date for an upcoming event.

Introducing TimeFlyz: the Save the Date Countdown.  The Save the Date Mailer comes in a variety of different colors and has a programmable timer so you can set the countdown to your event and mail it out to those invited.  It also features a rare earth magnet and a permanent foam adhesive so recipients can choose how and where they place it to remind them of your event.  Plus, its 1.5v long lasting Maxell button cell battery will ensure the timer stays on throughout the duration of your countdown.

What makes this item a great mailer is that it is lightweight and only 6mm thick, giving it the capability to easily attach to mailers, business cards, Bridal save the date cards, Corporate or Personal Invitations – you name it!  Some of the more popular uses for these save the date timers are for Employee Incentive Mailers, Customer Appreciation Events, Grand Opening Invitations, Trade Show Invitations, Anniversary Events, Golf Tournaments, Wedding Announcements, Sports Season Openers, Baby’s First Birthday Countdown, Baby Due Date Countdown, Vacation Countdown and any other event or countdown you can think of.

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